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Every pregnancy is a unique and sacred journey. In just 9 months, a woman carries and creates new life. The most complex system on this planet, the human body, is formed without any help from the outside world. Constantly changing from the moment of conception, a woman’s body can be supported by gentle and safe chiropractic adjustments to better integrate the experience of this magnificent process.

Whether you are looking to conceive or currently expecting, having a neuro-spinal system that is clear and connected creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.  A fully optimized nervous system allows your body to find the best position, grow and connect with the newest member of your family. Dr. Hayley is Webster certified to better serve you in the perinatal season!

Chiropractic care in pregnancy can help:

+ improve sleep and energy levels

+ optimize baby's positioning

+ alleviate aches and pains

+ lessen need for unwanted intervention in birthing process

+ may help with shorter labor times

+ facilitate greater connection to baby

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If you are wondering how pediatric chiropractic care can help your baby, child or teen, you are not alone! From blood flow, to brain function, to milestones and growth, the nervous system plays a pivotal role in keeping them healthy and thriving. The truth is, children's bodies are under a lot of stress while they are in a state of development and keeping them healthy requires proactive awareness. 

But how can you be sure your kiddo is experiencing pain? As they may not be able to communicate it verbally, symptoms may be expressed as grumpiness, poor sleep habits, acting out, or incessant crying. Nervous system stress can also be the source of many other childhood issues, such as colic, ear infections, ADHD and more.

Chiropractic care for kids can help:

+ improve sleep habits

+ improve digestion

+ support milestones

+ decrease allergies and asthma

+ improve focus, anxiety and behavior

+ rid ear infections

+ decrease colic and reflux

+ promote natural immunity

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In our culture, we grow to accept a decline in health as we age, but it doesn't have to be that way. A body functioning at its fullest potential as an adult, contrary to popular belief, is well within reach, and it can actually keep getting better as we grow older.

No more waiting to get sick – instead, you can embrace a journey of a healthier lifestyle, healing, and functioning better. Yes, it is a choice! It is our main goal to help you heal, live fully, and reach your optimal health daily. Whether you're a parent, a CEO, a young professional, retired, a crossfitter - we can all benefit from having a clear and connected nervous system and a body that expresses health to the fullest potential.

Chiropractic care for adults can help: 

+ promote natural immunity

+ help manage anxiety and stressors

+ improve flexibility and athletic performance

+ improve sleep and energy levels

+ alleviate aches and pains

+ decrease inflammation

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