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"Dr. Hayley helped so much with my second pregnancy. We had a breech position (at 37 weeks) and within 2 adjustments, baby girl went head down. I continued getting adjusted through the remainder of my pregnancy and was able to get the VBAC I desired. She was here in 6 hours start to finish!" -AB

"I started taking my son to see Dr. Hayley after a very traumatic birth experience (for him and I both). He was having problems with latching, spitting up, tongue ties, etc. Happy to report that since having Dr. Hayley on his health team, he’s fully breastfed with no more latching issues. I firmly believe that she was an integral part of getting us to our goals. Thank you Dr. Hayley for all of your help!!" -SA

"Dr. Hayley is phenomenal! Super friendly, knowledgeable and personable. Seeing Dr. Hayley weekly has helped our daughter stay out of the doctor and off antibiotics! Highly recommend The Haven to all mamas and babies!" -EM

"Literally life changing! Started seeing Dr. Hayley during the early part of my second pregnancy and the difference I had vs. my first pregnancy was unreal! She makes you feel at home from the first time you step into her office. Could not recommend enough!!" -JW

"I was adjusted by Dr. Hayley in pregnancy and know that our pregnancy and delivery were so smooth because of the work she put in. We love her and are so thankful for everything she has done for us and our health!" -RI

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